Brandani Gift Group: made to measure for the home
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Brandani Gift Group: made to measure for the home

Brandani Gift Group is a complete home-centric entity offering a wide array of items ranging from kitchenware, tableware, and living room decor to textile collections, products for children, personal care items, and diverse gifting options. Beyond these, it has recently introduced collections tailored for the Hospitality sector. Rooted in the rich heritage of Tuscany and embracing the essence of Made in Italy, this company consistently keeps abreast of emerging trends and prioritises the well-being of our living spaces.



Our interview with Greta Brandani, Marketing Manager of Brandani Gift Group



What led to the inception of Brandani, and what principles guide its philosophy?


Brandani Gift Group embodies a rich tradition where extensive experience, unwavering focus on emerging trends, discerning taste, and market expertise have forged a diverse collection of gifts and homeware that epitomize sophistication and originality. Remaining true to the principles that have defined its brand since 1976, it continues the legacy established a century ago by “Brandani Enrico”, a company renowned for crafting wrought iron and precision scales, seamlessly integrating those values into the daily lives of consumers.


Embarking on a journey steeped in tradition, rooted in the values associated with it, and fuelled by a profound connection to the Tuscan landscape and a genuine passion for one's homeland, Italian Style becomes unmistakable across the catalogue, serving as a cornerstone in all collections.



What is your most successful product?


The most successful product? That's easy...there isn’t one! The idea is to craft every product to be distinct and captivating, fostering a connection with the buyer that ignites affection. Continual renewal, alteration, and innovation in collections are essential to stay current while honouring and highlighting our origins, traditions, and history. This approach aims to prevent our heritage from fading into obscurity by creating new products that maintain a meaningful link to our memories.



Which countries are the primary destinations for your product exports around the world?


Canada/ United States/ Spain/ Portugal/ Greece/ France



Do you have collections dedicated to the Ho.Re.Ca. world?


Brandani Gift Group has recently entered the industry by developing a dedicated catalogue of around 300 products, engaging in specialised trade exhibitions, and actively exploring the territory to establish fresh sales avenues.


Vibrant, determined, and fuelled by an unyielding commitment to deliver excellence, we've crafted distinct lines tailored for the Hospitality sector. This move aims to further align the Brandani brand with professionalism, establishing our products as essential not only in household settings but also in diverse environments. Simultaneously, we aim to infuse the hotel industry with a sense of warmth and conviviality, connecting it to an appreciation for life's simple pleasures. Our goal is to recreate inviting spaces where one can relish the everyday joys that life presents.




What new products will you be presenting at Milano Home?


A collection of 360 fresh items spanning kitchenware, table settings, home decor, textiles, children's items, and personal care. From fresh and romantic to playful and professional, these diverse lines cater to various preferences, ensuring there's something for everyone while encapsulating the enchantment of Brandani.