CBE Elettrodomestici. The secret of traditional Italian biscuits

CBE Elettrodomestici. The secret of traditional Italian biscuits

CBE Elettrodomestici manufactures baking trays and electric biscuit presses for various kinds of waffles. It was founded in Abruzzo twenty years ago and today boasts more than 20 models with traditional and unique designs.


In addition to typical desserts from Abruzzo, such as ferratelle, it is possible to make many other regional specialities with the various products, such as Tuscan brigidini or wafers from Puglia and even international waffles.


In addition to Made in Italy, the company's strengths include the quality of its materials. In fact, the griddles are made entirely of food-grade aluminium and do not use non-stick coatings of any kind.


To meet the needs of professional customers, CBE Elettrodomestici produces the SERIE2000, suitable for bakery and pastry professionals. Customers include bakers, confectioners and confectionery industries.


In addition to the baking trays and biscuit moulds, there is also the SPIEDIGRILL, which was developed as a result of the passion for the most characteristic tradition of the Abruzzo region, the "arrosticino". It is a stainless steel electric grill pan, convenient and versatile for cooking meat, fish and vegetables.


To provide greater support to retailers and the end user, we created our first cookbook. A book for sale entitled “Diamo forma al gusto” with 30 sweet and savoury recipes accompanied by beautiful photos. The company is also present and very active on social media where it provides support for current and future customers, thus helping to sell our products.