Coltellerie Berti: four generations of quality knives

Coltellerie Berti: four generations of quality knives

For four generations, Coltellerie Berti has been synonym of the handcrafted production of knives. Founded in 1895 by David Berti, the company still continues to produce knives in Italy to this day, innovating models, methods and skills.


Each knife is produced by the hands of a single craftsman, the same person. He who starts it, finishes it. And his initials are added to it. Stating its value. 


The materials are of the highest quality: steel for the blades, and solid ox and buffalo horn, boxwood for the handles.


The values on which the company relies are tradition, specificity, quality and accurate cutting and the consequent respect for ingredients, dishes and kitchen work, the sweetness and pleasantness of the act of cutting, durability and the consequent preservation and perpetuation of value, and finally the joy of maintenance of tools born to last and not to be thrown away after a short time.


There are numerous collections: pocket knives, handmade with the craftsmanship of local master knife-makers; kitchen knives for all kinds of use; table knives of the highest quality; special knives dedicated to those who have a passion for 'Bien vivre' and love to surround themselves with the best tools to exercise it.


Collaboration with some of the greatest Italian and international chefs has also resulted in the knife lines that bear their name: Gualtiero Marchesi, Ernst Knam, Lucio Pompili, Alessandro Gilmozzi, Giulio Iacchetti, and Anna and Gianfranco Gasparini.


Coltellerie Berti also selected Madagascar horn for its collection of accessories. A precious and beautiful material for items handcrafted entirely in Madagascar.