Essentia: fragrant and environmentally friendly laundry

Essentia: fragrant and environmentally friendly laundry

Essentia was founded in 2017 by Riccardo and Gianni thanks to their thirty-year experience in the marketing of laundry products and equipment.


The goal was immediately clear and simple: creating something different and revolutionary to give laundry a unique fragrance.


The first product by Essentia was designed with this Vision: a Fragrance that makes Laundry unique, with a persistent aroma, made from extracts of valuable essential oils and 'friendly' to the environment.


After the success of these laundry products and thanks to the experience in working with different fragrances, in the following years the company's laboratories also developed fine fragrances for Textiles and the House.


Five years later, the company currently offers a complete and unique range of products with 12 lines and over 700 different articles.