Lineasette’s essential and modern design
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Lineasette’s essential and modern design

With three natural elements - earth, water and fire - Lineasette creates a multitude of items bringing any shape to life.


Experience and creativity allow moulding clay to create extraordinary artworks with an essential and modern design, stripping every form of the superfluous and interpreting the material with soft and sinuous lines.


In the latest collection designs, Lineasette has dedicated itself to enhancing the craftsmanship of the products, and the movements to which the material tends to during the long process of creation and firing of the item.


The greatest source of inspiration is always nature, which constantly surprises with its variety of colours and shapes. The product shapes offer an organic and natural appearance and the elegant and refined colour palette is made up of delicate pastel tones, offering solutions for every environment. The engobe coating gives each artwork a rough finish to the touch and a rough speckled colour with a precious chiaroscuro effect. 


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