The future lies in partnerships
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The future lies in partnerships

Owner of Lineasette, Emanuele Bucco’s perspective on the relationship between supplier and retailer.

“I believe that the future of the supplier-retailer relationship lies in creating an even tighter partnership aimed at offering customised services to meet the specific needs of shops.


We care about the success of our business partners. We provide them with high-quality digital material, including high-resolution photos and artistic videos, to better showcase our collections. We are also working on creating a dedicated section on our website where retailers will be able to access digital content and get suggestions on the presentation, handling and display of the products”.


Regular meetings, feedback and instruments help develop a relationship that often leads to doubts and misunderstandings between the two channels.  Emanuele Bucco, owner of Lineasette, has always aimed to involve the sales outlets. Display and correct presentation are the best means for a product to gain the necessary visibility, but this requires the direct involvement of the shopkeepers, who must understand that they are an active and qualified part of a process that starts with the design and ends with the sale.


Lineasette was founded in 1977 in Marostica by two master ceramists, Giuseppe Bucco and Flavio Cavalli, who courageously and creatively innovated the ceramic tradition of the Nove (Vicenza) area, explains Emanuele Bucco; the company preserves centuries-old traditions with care and passion but reinterprets them in innovative and contemporary forms. Our target markets include Italy and several European countries, where there is a great interest for our handcrafted creations and processing.


A modern and minimalist design that exalts the feeling and uniqueness of Italian craftsmanship, a collection of products that brightens the room with elegance and serenity. From vases and centrepieces to sculptures and home decorations, Lineasette offers a select range of furnishing accessories, interior design items and giftware. The Vicenza-based company's products are characterised by elegance and sophistication; it is a craft workshop where skill and craftsmanship merge to create beauty.




Is there something - an idea, a solution, a product - you are particularly fond of?


Some projects have given us great satisfaction over the years. One of these is the Elica collection, which I am very attached to, and several years after it was first designed, it is still so current in its essentiality and elegance. Its original helix-shaped opening, inspired by a sheet of paper rolled up on itself, gives the work particular delicacy and originality.



Of the 4 values of Milano Home - authenticity, quality, innovation, originality - is there one in particular with which you identify?


We deeply identify with the value of authenticity. The history of Lineasette is an authentic testament to commitment, creativity and passion, founded on the friendship and collaboration of two Master Ceramists, Giuseppe Bucco and Flavio Cavalli, in the 1970s. Their innovative vision has led to a new and distinctive style, enriching the local ceramic tradition of Nove. Now that I have inherited the same enthusiasm, I have embarked on a journey strongly focused on research and experimentation with the objective of innovating the territorial scenario, and not only. With the arrival of Laura Pelosio, a young designer with an innovative vision, we are incorporating the refreshing creativity of a new generation, while keeping the passion for quality craftsmanship alive.



Made in Italy and production artisanship. These are two distinctive features of your products


We firmly believe that Made in Italy and artisanship are timeless values. In the near future, we will be adding 3D visualisation of the product with the implementation of augmented reality to the exciting photos and videos of the collections. An investment in which we strongly believe.



Innovation, sustainability and tradition: how do these concepts come together in Lineasette?


Each work we create is designed to convey elegance and tranquillity, combining master handicrafts with the use of high quality natural materials. We want to integrate certain stages of our handcraft process with advanced technologies, such as three-dimensional design and the use of 3D printers for the design stages, with the aim of preserving artisanal skills as the core of our production, but also to optimise certain production steps. We are committed to sustainable practices, reducing waste and implementing water and waste recycling techniques. Our goal is to create designer pieces that are aesthetically stunning yet environmentally friendly. We create works that can embellish and make our homes cosy, remind us of the deep-rooted origins of our traditions, and give us the emotion and uniqueness of Italian craftsmanship.



What are the strengths and values conveyed by your product range?


Using three natural elements, earth, water and fire, we design and create a multitude of products, resulting in any shape.


Our experience and creativity allow us to mould clay to create extraordinary works. Our strengths include the essential design, which has consistently characterised our creations since 1977, and the artisanship with which we work with porcelain stoneware. The latter, baked at 1200°C, becomes resistant, waterproof and suitable for outdoor environments. Matt, monochrome coating gives each piece its originality and distinctiveness. Our colour range includes variations of subtle tones, for an elegant and refined colour palette with solutions for any setting. We strive to keep up-to-date with furniture trends for a perfect match between furniture and accessory.