Kosta Boda: Bod is a playful tribute to the possibilities of glass craftsmanship
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Kosta Boda: Bod is a playful tribute to the possibilities of glass craftsmanship

Bod is a playful tribute to the possibilities of glass craftsmanship. Two individually familiar forms, fused into a single object with a new, wholly unique expression. These asymmetrical, stemmed bottles are also a nod to Kosta Boda's long-standing production of wine glasses.                           


The series is mouth-blown and consists of decorative bottles in different colors and sizes. It's created through a collaboration, a balancing act between the different working methods of the two designers. The result stands firm, right on the border between sculpture and utility object. The accompanying cork bears witness to the latter.


Bod’s inspiring design triggers creativity in terms of both content and placement. Its confident shape makes it a natural fit in your home irrespective of room and does an impressive job presenting flowers as well as other decorative elements from the woods, beach or nature including beverages and fluids such as oils and vinegars.


With Bod, Matti and Simon Klenell have captured an intriguing bubble as if frozen in time, beautifully balancing on its foot. This recent Design S (Swedish Design Awards) nominee will more than captivate the observer as interacts with its content, setting and surrounding light.

Bod was introduced in spring 2023 and is available with select retailers and on kostaboda.com in three sizes and four colorways.


Product Information:

Black: H 306mm x B 155mm

Midnight Blue: H 295mm x B 155mm

Burgundy: H 230mm x B 155mm

Clear Glass: H 295mm x B 155mm

H 230mm x B 155mm



About Matti & Simon Klenell


Matti Klenell (b. 1972) is a designer renowned for his innovative contributions to the evolution of Scandinavian design. Klenell has a wide repertoire including his choice of materials but often returns to glass as a strong source for his expression.


Always thorough and reflective – including in-depth research prior and throughout a project – Matti puts emphasis on delivering optimal results. Regardless of the task at hand, Klenell approaches it with curiosity and the challenge of bringing his objects to life. The outcome is carefully designed products characterized by form, function, and personality.


Matti Klenell is educated at the University of Arts, Crafts & Design (1994-1999) and The Royal Academy of Architecture in Copenhagen. A recipient of several awards, including ‘Designer of the Year’ by Residence Magazine 2018, and the EDIDA Swedish Design Award four times. Matti Klenell’s work is represented at several museums including Nationalmuseum in Stockholm, Röhsska - Museum of Design & Craft in Gothenburg and Design Museum Denmark. 


Simon Klenell (b. 1985) is a self-described designer and a craftsman. His way of working is driven by the material, and he works almost exclusively with glass. It’s also in the glass itself that he finds his greatest inspiration and curiosity.


Simon’s work process includes drawing and designing, but the fact that he also blows and grinds glass is an important part of his professional identity and something he considers his biggest asset in his design work. Klenell continuously addresses how he can use the history of glass, manufacturing techniques and the physical properties of the material to explore its potential and what stories he can convey with it.


Simon Klenell is educated at the National School of Glass and the University of Arts, Crafts and Design. A recent recipient of the Ulrica Hydman Vallien scholarship, Klenell works in his own workshop and studio in Gustavsberg.



About Kosta Boda


Founded in 1742, Kosta Boda offers inspiring contemporary interior design objects and art glass derived from Swedish design tradition. Targeting modern lifestyle, Kosta Boda’s progressive assortment delivers premium products integral to everyday use driven by relentless curiosity and creativity.


Find out more about Kosta Boda at www.kostaboda.com