The pop soul of Mr&Mrs Fragrance
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The pop soul of Mr&Mrs Fragrance

Mr&Mrs Fragrance, a Lombard-based company specializing in crafting vibrant and unique designer scented items, embodies a pop-inspired essence. Their range includes air fresheners and fragrances tailored for spaces and cars, offering genuine sensory experiences.

Our interview with Massimo Esposito, Mr&Mrs Fragrance CEO



What ignited your passion for fragrances, and how has Mr&Mrs Fragrance journeyed to become the thriving reality it is today?


Mr&Mrs Fragrance represents myself and Simona, my partner in both life and business.


The Project was established in 2010 with the goal of crafting scented items designed to captivate consumers, intended for both the realms of Home and Car.


Upon comprehensive examination of our target market, we recognised a deficiency in products adept at seamlessly merging research, aesthetics, and olfactory aspects. Our passion for design urged us to prioritise not only the excellence of fragrance but also the crafting of products capable of storytelling. At present, we perceive ourselves as creators of a unique family of fictional characters, each distinctly vivid, fostering an empathetic bond with the end consumer.



How do you create a product of yours, what has given you the most satisfaction and what are the main services you offer?


All our products originate from a distinctive and deeply personal understanding of our target market. A prime illustration is Cesare, crafted in 2012, who stands as our most renowned ambassador thus far. Cesare, a car fragrance characterized by a human-shaped design, has genuinely astonished and enthralled our consumers, resulting in sales exceeding 15 million units.



What are the main differences that distinguish your perfumes from those of your competitors?


I could discuss raw materials, supply chain quality, and more, but these aspects alone don't shape a distinctive olfactory language. Choosing a fragrance is fundamentally a subjective emotion. Perfume serves as a sensory code, unlocking the vault to our individual memories—each person's experiences are unique and incomparable to others. However, what stands objectively factual is the wealth of memories Simona and I have gathered over our 30 years of travel and intercultural exchanges. Therefore, the answer to the question is: “Our accumulated experiences distinguish our perfumes from our competitors”.



What is the connection between your company and art?


We cannot call ourselves artists, we are just publishers who use artists to turn an idea into a product. Art, which has many forms of expression, is a language without borders and without barriers. A great force capable of shaking us and making us think. This is in short what drives us to create a new product. We are very attracted to pop and figurative art, so we try to choose artists who can express themselves in this language.



What new products will you present at Milano Home?


We are thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking collection in Italy, one that breaks conventions in the realm of room fragrances. The NFT-Not Fake Art Collection, crafted by Mr&Mrs Fragrance, celebrates the intrinsic value of authenticity in art. This significance isn’t solely cultural; it also encompasses the substantial divergence in worth between an original piece, a replica, or a counterfeit.

This collection features 2 recyclable polyethylene Art Toys, namely iMale and iFemale, conceived by the creative mind of Japanese designer Rumiko Takeda and inspired by Crypto Art. These figures possess a distinct identity showcased through their scents, emitted by 2 scented Eva elements delicately placed behind their ears. They come in two finishes—lacquer and chrome—in two sizes: 35 cm and 75 cm. The item is formed using recyclable thermo-elastic technopolymers through cutting-edge rotational technology. Following this, it undergoes meticulous hand-sanding to achieve a flawless surface, both visually and in terms of tactile sensation, preparing it for the final treatment.