Label, the ritual of slow living

Label, the ritual of slow living

A love of nature, beauty and slow, gentle rhythms run in the blood of Angela Ciampagna and Enrico Maraffino. She is the Nose, he is the Production Manager: partners in life and work. Together they are the co-founders of the Label universe. 

Label is a wax factory that was established as a company in 2011, in a family-run workshop located in a small town in the hills of central Italy. The brand's production facility now resides in the Canary Island of Tenerife, surrounded by majestic natural beauty. Here, perfumes are formulated, produced and packaged after painstaking research, instilling new life to 'Solve et Coagula', the formula and spirit of the world of alchemy, the transformation into noble elements first through the process of dissolution and, then recomposition.


Label's range of ambient fragrances includes hand crafted scented candles made from precious and buttery waxes, hand-dyes, multifarious fragrances, woven wicks of pure cotton and slow hand-poured candles. Unique fragrances, solid perfumes, scented candles made from vegetable waxes, hand-rolled incense cones.


Each candle is individually assembled and packaged. The label is characterised by an Italian artisanal touch and a vibrant character typical of the Canary Islands. Each piece is unique and designed for connoisseurs who appreciate rare raw materials and seek the opportunity to customise their personal experience combining the fragrances of the Label collection. 


Sensitivity, attention to design, use of high quality raw materials, traditional production processes enriched by innovative technologies are part of the identity of the olfactory portraits painted by Label: note after note, in an arrangement of accords, the fragrances are carefully constructed to bring to mind faraway places, moments from the past, or evocative visions of the future.


A magical alchemy that combines expertise in processing unique raw materials with creativity and sensitivity, for a precious invitation to enjoy the small things in life.