Mascagni Casa, passion for the home since 1930

Mascagni Casa, passion for the home since 1930

Starting from a small workshop in the heart of Bologna, Umberto Mascagni managed to revolutionise the idea of portrait frames thanks to the intuition of a new product, the iconic Lumaghèn (Little snail). This new frame, which consists only of a metal base and a pair of small glass panes, places the image at the centre of everything, freeing it from the usual frame and emphasising it thanks to the transparency of glass.


Umberto's inventiveness and tenacity were rewarded in just a few years, so much so that in the 1960s, under the guidance of the son Mario and his wife Nella, Mascagni became the leading European manufacturer of picture frames.


The company, currently managed by Michele Mascagni, has developed into a modern company with a strong propensity for innovation. They collaborate with in-house and external designers and sell their products worldwide through an extensive network of specialised distributors.


Mascagni is headquartered in Casalecchio di Reno and owns a large warehouse in Castel San Pietro Terme, which is the departure point of over 15,000 shipments every year for more than 4000 customers all over the world.