Phorma: Searching for innovation in design
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Phorma: Searching for innovation in design

Phorma has been a talent scout for almost thirty years. The company from Piedmont is always on the lookout for new brands, new projects and design objects that are original, innovative, beautiful and functional. Not only a distributor of objects and furnishing accessories created by well-known international companies, but also a producer of design objects that often dictate new trends.

Our interview with Andrea Vicario, CEO of Phorma



What new products will you be presenting at Milano Home?


We will present the brand new and innovative coffee machine Sage Barista Touch Impress, a line of new aroma diffusers by Stadler Form, the innovative vacuum system by Airtender, Steamery's vertical ironing products and much more.



What is the history of Phorma?


Founded in 1997, Phorma produces and distributes products with a strong design content. We started with the launch of a collection with our own brand, with innovative projects and highly creative products, to end up with the distribution of strong international brands with everyday products and long-lasting ideas. With this spirit, we continue our adventure as ambassadors of beauty (and functionality), searching for wonderful design objects that are capable of surprising and making us smile...



Which Italian and foreign brands do you distribute exclusively in Italy, which are the most popular and what do they produce?


The main brands we distribute in Italy are the Australian SAGE Appliances, which is famous for its award-winning high-end coffee machines and the small appliances with innovative functions. DUALIT, the British company that still produces the iconic Classic toaster in its workshops in London. Stadler Form, which has managed to produce air treatment units that are beautiful and functional at the same time. The English brands Mason Cash, with its earthenware bowls for baking, Price & Kensington, with its colourful teapots, and Kilner, which produces glass jars for storing food. BRAUN, which creates the world's most beautiful alarm clocks. Airtender, an innovative product for vacuum cooking. Lund London, with its iconic thermal bottles. Mysoda, which has gone green and sustainable with the production of sparkling water machines made of wood composite. Steamery, with products for vertical ironing.



Research for new objects and new brands has always been in your company's DNA, which of them represent you the most?


Our quest for innovation is constant, it is what sets us apart. We bring together products and brands that have a common denominator characterised by design and functionality.