Power Notte: an artisanal fusion of home design and contemporary art
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Power Notte: an artisanal fusion of home design and contemporary art

Was conceived in July 2020 in Venice, Italy by two artists: Davide Salmaso, Rocco Cacciari and a product manager, Giuseppe Bareato.

The concept was an artisanal fusion of home design and contemporary art using the mediums of sculpture and painting. The work is an investigation of the animal world within their ecosystems. And there is special attention paid to the totemic value - even amongst the smallest of items.


The creative studio, Power Notte, offers three collection lines. The first line incorporates ceramic sculpture technique from the town of Nove in Bassano del Grappa, in Northern Italy. The collection is in collaboration and under the direction of Terenzio Sonda.


This artisanal tradition in Nove dates back to the early 1700’s. As Sonda affirms, it is a place where “we breathe and eat the culture of ceramics every day.” The Brenta River as the artery of the region has historically offered a unique relationship of exchange and development. Crushed stones from the riverbed provided minerals to mix the clay and logs were brought in from upriver to fuel the kilns. Featured in this Power Notte collection from Nove are vases, lamps and sculptures.


The second collection line is hand knotted and tufted carpets. From the beginning, we sought to establish a direct connection with Persian carpet culture. We found such a connection in a small town called Bhadohi - just at the foot of Kathmandu, in the Ganges river valley between Uttar Pradesh and Nepal.


Under the direction of Faisar Ansari and his family, we are producing carpets that break with the neutral decoration style and aesthetic, common in modern pieces. We develop artful items that examine pattern and figure that lend themselves to be viewed and appreciated from above while placed on the ground.


In the third collection line, we include all of the items produced in our Atelier - unique items of small production that range from painting to sculpture as well as outerwear and t-shirts.


Each piece is artisanally crafted, hand made and one of a kind. This slow production, with an attention to artistry is a pushback on the mainstream production model that harms our planet. Our products can not be identically replicated or mass produced. They are each perfectly unique.