Robert Haviland & C Parlon. Precious Manufacture
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Robert Haviland & C Parlon. Precious Manufacture

Luxury, excellence and high craftsmanship are among the keywords of Robert Haviland & C Parlon, the historic French manufacture with over a century of history. Its products have been used and are still used to set up the famous and luxurious tables of royal families, embassies, museums, hotels and restaurants. Each item is made of the finest Limoges porcelain using various decoration techniques, including the precious hand painting and inlaying. Since 2020, the Manufacture has been owned by the sisters Marie-Amélie and Marie-Caroline Guillot, who are keeping alive the Maison's DNA.

Our interview with Marie Caroline-Guillot, owner of Robert Haviland & C Parlon.



What new products will you be presenting at Milano Home?


Bronze Serengeti and Mandalay Black.



A historic brand and a historic company, what are the main features of your products and what makes you stand out in the world of porcelain?


Customisation, refinement of decorations and attention to detail are among the main strengths of our production process. We achieve this thanks to our unique and eclectic range of products, but also thanks to the craftsmanship of hand-painted colour. We are able to offer a very wide range of colours and products, allowing our customers to create a real mix and match of tableware by choosing within one or more collections. In this way, they can create their own style for the table.


 In addition, this is also our field of expertise: inlaying to create an embossed decoration followed by painting in gold or platinum.



How important are excellence, high craftsmanship and luxury in your production?


 Obviously, all these ingredients are part of our DNA. They are like the basis of a cake recipe, such as butter, flour and eggs.



Which collections represent you the most?


Syracuse, Lexington, Yvonne, Coletta, Monet, Versailles, Matignon are the most representative collections of our manual know-how: hand-painting, luxury chromolithography, inlaying and colouring. Some of these collections are available in more than 30 colours and many of them have an extraordinary history that is related to the past of France.



Which famous tables have hosted your pieces of porcelain?


 Haviland & C. Parlon has succeeded in establishing its creations in the most prestigious institutions, with clients including the French and Belgian embassies, the Hôtel Matignon, the royal palaces of Morocco and Bahrain, the Sultanate of Oman and many others.