Rudy Profumi: a sensory journey in the most beautiful regions of Italy

Rudy Profumi: a sensory journey in the most beautiful regions of Italy

Rudy Profumi, azienda milanese fondata nel 1920, si delinea sin dalle origini come una maison di fragranze di alto profilo, riuscendo a coniugare la massima attenzione nella scelta delle materie prime e grande propensione al design.


The Rudy Profumi company from Milan was founded in 1920, carving out a role for itself from the start as a maison producing high-profile fragrances, teaming maximum attention to the selection of materials with an impressive flair for design.


With a century of experience in cosmetics and a solid family tradition in the manufacture of beauty products, Rudy Profumi is today a well-established brand of top-quality, genuine products, also by virtue of its hallmark on-going research into cosmetics and trends.


Now in its fourth generation and with a solid, significant family tradition behind it, the company remains passionately committed to building a universe made of fragrances and perfumes, skilfully combing sophisticated aromas and cosmetic principles to guarantee a pleasant sensation of wellbeing for the body.


Today, just as in the past, the company’s mission is to create iconic personal care products in the shape of decorative collectors’ pieces. This is what we’ve been passionately investing in for 100 years.




The art of «le maioliche» is an ancient art: the beauty of its glazes, designs and colors are enriched and made unique by their long history. A story that Rudy Profumi has wanted to tell and celebrate with a collection that takes its name from this precious ceramics as an expression of the Italian artisan tradition. The collection wishes to carry us through a virtual tour around Italian most iconic and celebrated cities and sites.


A sensory journey across the most beautiful regions of Italy to discover its most intense aromas: Sicilian citrus fruits, Mediterranean aromatic herbs, Roses from Positano and Amalfi are just some of the fragrances enclosed and enhanced by the elegant and unique packaging.


The exclusive hand drawn designs reproduced on the recyclable PET package give uniqueness and refinement to the product, transforming it into a design decoration. A personal care collection that is complemented by the reed diffusers of the «Rudy’s House» collection.