SAY PAPER, the scent of paper makes creativity fly off

SAY PAPER, the scent of paper makes creativity fly off

The love of reading, the smell of paper and written words is the starting point: "We originally were booksellers and paper has always been our passion. SAY PAPER was born this way, here is the story:


 "Founded in 1996, over time our bookshop has become a meeting place and a cultural reference point for the city of Pinerolo, in the province of Turin. 


More than 50,000 books divided into areas of interest, a Literary Café offering organic and seasonal menus, a space to meet with writers and an area dedicated to quality stationery and wooden toys are nested inside the library, with a surface area of more than 500 square metres.


All of the above combined with a great passion for stationery products, keeping us company on our desk every day, just like books. We wandered around Europe and its museums, searched for and selected original objects with the right combination of design and environmental friendliness, beautiful to give and receive. We love to go in search of the best independent stationery brands. From London to Stockholm, via Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and Copenhagen: our search for creative, sustainable and designer products has no boundaries, just like our imagination.


Only “good’ quality” products are selected, made of certified, recycled paper, and produced in a sustainable way that respects our planet. The shipments do not have any plastic packaging and everything used is recycled and recyclable.


Fine stationery products, objects and furnishings, dedicated to children or art lovers, always tell a story and are carefully crafted by young, independent companies. SAY PAPER is a space dedicated to all paper lovers, puzzles enthusiasts, for those who cannot resist the fascination of museum book stores around the world, for those who like to write and those who prefer to draw, those who appreciate the beauty of small things, like a new notebook, ready to be filled.