Technodidactics: a tour around the world

Technodidactics: a tour around the world

The Earth globe exudes a timeless fascination of discovering faraway and unknown places, which has always accompanied people in their academic journey and travel dreams, now it has also become a design object that “lights up” our days.

From the academic school sector to design, so over time, the Earth globes of Tecnodidattica, a company from the Liguria region that has been producing collections of classic, luminous, interactive geography globes all Made in Italy since 1950, have partially evolved with the Atmosphere line, elegant in shape, colour and impeccable in geographical content, a perfect blend of traditional style and materials and design innovation.



Our interview with Riccardo Donati, Managing Director of Tecnodidattica



Where did the love and idea for Earth globes come from?


My grandfather founded the company after WWII. At that time, the political geography was undergoing many metamorphoses: after a tumultuous historical era, plagued by wars, conflicts and revolutions. We were beginning to talk about the European Community and there was a very strong focus on how the world was finally settling down. I believe that his choice to devote himself to geography, developing the production of maps and Earth globes, was the result of a keen attuning to the needs of his time and his particular commercial flair.



What led you to produce Earth globes dedicated to the world of furniture? 


After devoting many decades to traditional educational Earth globes, the market has become more complex and geography has opened up to more modern, less fossilised views. The role of the public consumption weakened leaving way to private consumption, and Earth globes have moved from the classrooms to children's bedrooms. From that point on, families also conceived the Earth globe as an aesthetic element and the idea of the lifestyle, collector's Earth globe became popular. Again, we sensed and anticipated the spirit of the times and in the early years of the new millennium we acquired a leading Scandinavian design brand, forging a new personality to our products. 



Which countries in the world do you most export your products to?


We are proud to be a manufacturer of Made in Italy Earth globes and, although Italy remains an important country, for decades we have had a strong export vocation with customers in every developed country in the world: Japan, South Africa, Chile, Singapore, Tunisia, Dubai.  We have companies based in Brazil, Germany, France, Spain and logistical partnerships with many other countries. We are also a licensed producer of National Geographic, i.e. we produce and market Earth globes reproducing the maps of National Geographic, the world's most successful and high-quality geography brand. 



What is your most successful model and why?


Our most popular product is the classic physical-political Earth globe with an internal light that allows the magical “double effect”: when the globe is switched off, the geography is physical, with the colours of the natural landscape: green forests and yellow deserts. When the interior light is switched on, the geography is enriched with political details, different colour shades appearing for each country, accentuating the borders. The “double-effect”, especially when enjoyed in a darkened room, offers a unique and timeless thoroughness of information. 



What new products will you be showcasing at Milano Home in January 2024?


We will introduce new eye-catching colours for our Carnelian, Agate, Pyrite, Jade design collections ... that are sure to captivate the public's attention.