A place that we like: it’s called the Globe

A place that we like: it’s called the Globe

Every home must have its own globe, because imagination and curiosity must always be nurtured. Besides, as we know, the desire to travel and learn makes life better. And there’s more, if the globe is not just a useful reference tool but something beautiful, it’s a done deal. Tecnodidattica, the world leader in the production and distribution of globes, will be present at MILANO HOME with its new collection: the globes from the Atmosphere line were created by refined Scandinavian designers, with minimal geographical information and accurate shapes and materials.


With the Atmosphere brand, Tecnodidattica will present in Milan their new model 'Evolve Velvet', available in 7 colours.


Here are its main features:

•30 cm diameter

•LED light

•nylon base with flocked finish

•design by Claus Jensen and Henrik Holbæk from the renowned Tools Design Danish studio

•Made in Italy


Tecnodidattica is an Italian company founded in 1949 that specialised in the production of geographic globes. It’s the world's leading manufacturer in the sectors of education and furniture, and exports globes in more than seventy countries across five continents. Thanks to the investments made in technological research, the company has contributed to the modernisation of globes production from an almost handmade product in paper material to an industrial scale product in plastic material. 


Their production, which is entirely Italian, is carried out in accordance with the European product safety directives and the national standards of the country in which products are marketed. 


Their wide product range is divided in four brands and features globes of different sizes, ranging from 11 to 128 cm in diameter, with constantly updated cartographies and texts available in more than 30 languages including Japanese, Thaï, Korean, Russian, Arabic, Gaelic and Swahili. 


Each brand defines a different style and target group.


Gift items, pieces of art or furnishing accessories? Let yourself be amazed by every possible new world.