Cereria Mollà, new formats for new needs

Cereria Mollà, new formats for new needs

Interview with Sonia Corsalini, Marketing Specialist, Sales Manager of Cereria Mollà

What are the novelties or products you are focusing on and why? 


Ournovelties include the expansion of the liquid stick fragrance line with the introduction of the 250 ml size, warmly requested by our customers who particularly love our fragrances. Until now, this product was available in the 100 ml- 500 ml- 3 litre sizes; With the introduction of this new size, we aim to increase customer loyalty with a product that offers excellent value for money and excellent persistence in medium-sized environments.



What is the importance of a fragrance in a room and how to choose it?


Our Boutique line consists of 17 fragrances plus 4 from the Gold line, a special edition; we have fragrances that go well with any environment: from Verbena di Sicilia, which can be an excellent fragrance for the kitchen as it can dissipate the smell of fried and cooked food, to woody fragrances suitable for the living room or hobby room or floral ones for the sleeping area or even energetic and citrus fragrances for the bathroom such as Basil & Mandarin and Grapefruit & Laurel. Not forgetting our summer line with Citronella & Mint and Tea & Lemongrass, which has been specially designed as a mosquito repellent and is therefore also suitable for semi-open and open environments such as the porch or garden.