The journey into beauty of Farmacia SS. Annunziata 1561

The journey into beauty of Farmacia SS. Annunziata 1561

From apothecary to cosmetic and fragrance brands, where tradition and innovation, history and territory, are skilfully combined to create products made with excellent raw materials for refined and selected fragrances 

Farmacia SS. Annunziata 1561 has a story to tell: it is a historic Florentine brand that produces and sells lines of cosmetics and perfumes in the Farmacia Parfum line, consisting of multiple fragrances including one that commemorates the 460th anniversary of the pharmacy and home fragrances, all of which are also highly appreciated abroad.


Our interview with Elena Azzerlini, owner of Farmacia SS. Annunziata 1561


How do the fragrances and cosmetic products of your brand originate and how are they connected to the history of Tuscany and its land? 


Especially with regard to our perfumes and room diffusers, we choose names with a history behind them and build lines linked to our city, such as the Ambiente Line which was inspired by the Major Arts for the first 7 products, then by the Minor Arts for the new 6 (chosen from the 14 Medieval Arts). Our bottles also have their own story to tell: our perfume bottle is inspired by the shadow of the old pharmacy bottle and everything is hollowed out on both sides, a reference to the fact that we are dug into time, into a history that goes back 460 years and beyond. The bottle of our diffusers is the "old square pharmacy" model and the antiqued metal label is reminiscent of the armour used of old... Every detail must have a reason for existing. The boxes of the cosmetic line feature the logo and other details, also "hollowed out" in the paper. These too reflect the fact that the brand is sculpted in time, as well as recalling periods in which beauty also lay in the art of sculpture. 



How important is sustainability for your company? 


We try to meet the increasingly demanding requests of the market, both with the most modern and "healthiest" raw materials and with our packaging: this entails eliminating plastic, where possible, such as for our creams which are now packed in glass jars, and the materials used to protect the product such as cellophane. We also no longer produce anything outside Italy, including our moulds, despite the quality of a full Made in Italy production being equally high but more expensive.



How do tradition and innovation come together in your products? 


Our style remains, as always, traditional, minimalist, simple and direct. The product, on the other hand, is developed using innovative and up-to-date rules and ingredients, which are replaced from time to time following our tests. Our payoff could encompass all this: a journey into beauty. This phrase indicates the beauty that was fundamental 500 years ago (see art in general such as painting, sculpture, the buildings we still find in our city today....). Beauty can be found if we think about our city, Florence, and every time we enter our historic headquarters. And beauty is also the original driving force behind what we do (cosmetics were our very first product).



What are your most successful products both in Italy and abroad?  


A lot depends on the target markets. The East favours our cosmetic lines, even if perfumes are slowly gaining ground there, as is the diffuser, also seen as home furnishing element. Europe and Italy are more oriented towards perfumes. But our plus point is our ability to offer 3 different lines to satisfy any customer and market: Cosmetic Line, Ambient Line and Personal Fragrance Line.



What are the novelties or products you are focusing on?


For the brand, Milano Home has become the reference trade fair for the home and furniture sector. In this future edition, we want to present the completeness of our ambient line, which manages to encompass all the olfactory families and also reflect the aesthetic needs of our loyal customers.


The ambient line, divided into two Arts, Major and Minor, is made up of 13 different olfactory references; for each reference there are classic diffusers with sticks, refills, sprays, potpourri, bath salts and for four references we also offer candles with a harmonic wood wick.



What is the importance of a fragrance in a room and how to choose it?


Our creations are also inspired by "room zoning", i.e. the strategic positioning of a specific fragrance in a certain space of one's environment (home, but also office, shop, etc.). Each fragrance is accompanied by a booklet that explains, in fact, in which rooms a single fragrance should be used (living room, study, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen).


Living in a properly scented environment is sure to enhance the experience!