The olfactory journey proposed by Chiara Firenze

The olfactory journey proposed by Chiara Firenze

Milano Home interviews Livinia Michelucci, Marketing Manager

Uniqueness, research, craftsmanship and a special bond with the territory are the distinctive traits that distinguish Chiara Firenze's fragrances, a real olfactory, emotional and evocative journey into the authentic Tuscany where culture, art and nature come together in a synergistic way.



How are your products made and what are the characteristics that make them unique?


Chiara Firenze was inspired by the ancient perfume tradition of the city of Florence, reinterpreted in a modern key. The Chiara Firenze fragrances are all unique pieces: They are made entirely by hand, at all stages of processing, from bottling to labelling and finally to the characteristic copper binding. Our focus on the raw materials used is very strong: magical blends of essences with a high concentration of essential oils and natural absolutes combined with bio-alcohol transform scents into emotions. 



What role does sustainability play in your products and do you have sustainable collections?


Focusing on the environment is a very important issue. We avoid using plastics wherever possible. The paper used for the packaging is FSC certified, as it is produced with respect for forests. The alcohol used is bio-alcohol, obtained from the processing of sugar beets. The sticks are made of natural and colourless rattan because in the coloured version they would have to be synthetic to perform effectively.



What role do perfumes and fragrances play in environments?


Olfactory decor is a fundamental factor. Fragrances and notes help to furnish and characterise every environment, attributing values, and communicating messages to the guests who live in and visit them.



What bond do you have with the territory and nature?


Our current claim is "Breathe natural" with a view to communicating our strong, unbreakable bond with nature. First of all, this is marked by the choice to use essences with natural absolutes instead of synthetic ones in order to have realistic, truthful and recognisable fragrances. We also have a strong bond with the territory, which is a continuous inspiration for the creation of our fragrances. The most iconic ones are dedicated to wine, a rich and precious material of Tuscany, others to the typical vegetation of this land such as Mediterraneo or Limonaia. Then there are those dedicated to culture such as Rosso Fiorentino, a leading Tuscan Mannerism painter, or Venus, which is inspired by Botticelli’s famous work exhibited at the Uffizi. 



How important are craftsmanship and Made in Italy in Chiara Firenze products?

Our products are handcrafted. Handmade at all stages with the utmost care, they are in fact imperfect and for this reason unique. They are also 100% Made in Italy, not only because they are produced in Italy (we make everything in our headquarters in Montelupo Fiorentino), but also because all the raw materials used for products and packaging are Made in Italy (the only exception being the sticks, which only grow in Asia).