Speziere Palazzo Vecchio: the search for the right emotional connection between space and people

Speziere Palazzo Vecchio: the search for the right emotional connection between space and people

Interview with Francesca Di Massimo, CEO and partner of Speziere Palazzo Vecchio

What are the novelties or products you are focusing on and why?


We are preparing to present our latest creations in the area of room fragrances, scents designed to transform any space into a unique sensory experience. The new fragrances include: Isola d’Ischia: inspired by the natural beauty of the island, this fragrance combines helichrysum, sweet fennel, marine note, lime, ambergris and oud. A blend that evokes the essence of the Mediterranean, bringing a sea breeze with touches of freshness and depth into the home. Incenso e Menta: an innovative combination featuring the warmth of incense with the freshness of mint. Perfect for creating a relaxing and meditative atmosphere, ideal for spaces dedicated to well-being and reflection. Ambra e Legni Amari: a robust, enveloping fragrance that mixes amber with the deep notes of bitter woods. Ideal for environments that wish to convey elegance and sophistication, such as professional offices or sophisticated living rooms.


What is the importance of a fragrance in a room and how to choose it?


A room fragrance is not a furnishing accessory; it does not add aesthetics, convenience or practicality perceivable to the naked eye. However, it plays a key role in creating an emotional bond with the space, objects and people present. Each fragrance has the power to evoke emotions and memories, creating an olfactory anchor in our minds that associates that particular scent with that place, those people and that experience. Smell is one of the most powerful senses in recalling memories and sensations. A well-chosen fragrance can transform an environment, prolonging the emotions it arouses. Whether in a private home, office, shop or public space, the choice of fragrance must be consistent with the memory and emotion you want to leave in people's minds.


The selection of a room fragrance should reflect the essence and function of the space. For a home, opt for scents that make you feel welcome and relaxed, such as Isola d’Ischia. For an office, a fragrance such as Ambra e Legni Amari can help create an atmosphere of professionalism and concentration. In spaces dedicated to well-being or reflection, Incenso e Menta can offer the right balance of tranquillity and freshness.


The right fragrance can transform any environment, creating a unique and memorable sensory experience.