Wally1925: celebrating its first 100 years at Milano Home

Wally1925: celebrating its first 100 years at Milano Home

Interview with Franca and Gabriella Gestri, owners of Wally1925

Wally1925, a Tuscan company with no less than 100 years of history where, from generation to generation, professionalism, production quality and constant research and development of new fragrances reminiscent of the olfactory notes of the place are handed down.


How important are scents and fragrances in different living environments?


Fragrances play a very important role in the environment in which they are placed, as well as now being considered a furnishing accessory. For the environment alone, we have 36 different types of fragrances and creating a perfume is an ever-evolving art. However, while considering where it is placed in the environment, depending on the olfactory notes, it will ultimately be the customer who chooses the fragrance that evokes a desire, an emotion and, as is often the case, a travel memory.


For this last reason, we also try to place a large bottle of room diffuser in hotel lobbies.



What role does sustainability play in your products?


In recent years, we have moved towards sustainability, especially in the choice of packaging, which is suitable for separate waste collection, and in the use of recycled/recyclable paper with FSC certification.


In addition, we are pushing our natural cosmetics line, which was already selected last year in the sustainability sector at Milano Home, and we have increased it with a new product, the natural face and body scrub.



2025 will be an important birthday for Wally1925, have you thought of a special fragrance to celebrate the centenary?


As the current owners, we set out to carry forward the craftsmanship and quality of the products made by the company, which has always stayed in the family and which will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Wally1925 brand in 2025. Milano Home 2025 will be the right occasion to celebrate this event and, to this end, we and our team are developing a new fragrance with special packaging to present to new and old customers.