Paper and writing: a newfound love

Paper and writing: a newfound love

At Milano Home 2025 a special focus on the great return of a passion for paper and items for writing

This fashion – or, rather a great return – for paper and items of writing in their various forms is now increasingly appreciated and sought-after as people rediscover the pleasure of a handwritten letter or jotting down notes in a notebook, created with forgotten forms of craftsmanship and production processes.


There is also increased interest from specialised shops and people in items produced by well-known brands in the industry or by craftsmen from all over the world that are well made and created from sustainable and innovative materials, with details and design the focus of attention.  Products such as notebooks, wrapping paper, diaries, greeting cards, desk accessories and pens to use or to give as gifts, to finally slow down the frenetic and hyper-connected pace we live at, to focus our attention on paper and its accessories, in order not to get lost in the immense world of the web.


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