The revolutionary power of paper
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The revolutionary power of paper

Interview with Furio Ceciliato, founder of Origamo

In an increasingly digital world of reduced attention spans and "stories" and "likes", the power of paper is revolutionary. Furio Ceciliato, founder of Origamo, tells us that "Our greeting cards are the most handmade in the world. They are unique and precious creations that allow people to communicate feelings and their bond to one another in a deep and special way. Paper is still, indeed increasingly, the most powerful and enduring tool for occasions ‘when it really matters’"



Are your products sustainable and how important is sustainability to you?


Sustainability is one of the three foundations on which Origamo bases its production, together with ethics and solidarity. We only use FSC-certified paper made in Italy from regenerated forests. All our packaging is completely plastic-free. Respect for nature and human beings is fundamental for us and is becoming one of consumers’ main drivers.


"Our ticket sales finance Origamo Sunshine Homes, family homes for street children in Saigon, Vietnam"



What relationship do you have with the area you source from and where you make your products?


A very deep bond. Origamo cards are made in our workshops in Vietnam, specifically in Ben Tre province, in the Mekong Delta. Our artisans work in excellent conditions, with wages above the local average and with every kind of social welfare protection.


We are the only handmade greeting card company in the world to hold Fair Trade Certification. We are committed to giving back locally, returning the value that these exceptional Vietnamese people give us. Our ticket sales finance Origamo Sunshine Homes, family homes for street children in Saigon, Vietnam


These boys and girls come from terrible situations of poverty, abuse and exploitation. We finance these facilities that provide them with protection, education and love. The family homes, hospitals and orphanages are founded and managed by the Christina Noble Children's Foundation, which has already saved over 800,000 children in its 30 years of operation. Erica Ceciliato, the co-founder of Origamo, and I are personally involved in the sending and use of the funds and coordinate the Foundation's activities in Italy.



Your brand values: how do you convey them to retailers and end users?


The ethical and charitable story of Origamo is shown on a note in each card. We provide our dealers with numerous materials to help them in communicating our products’ story and engaging end customers more effectively, via all our values and our commitment to society and the environment.