Inkpressioni: when paper becomes a work of art
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Inkpressioni: when paper becomes a work of art

The beauty of paper and stationery can be found across all the exclusive, strictly handmade, unique, sustainable and personalised collections from Inkpressioni. This Veneto-based company founded by Stefania Bonato, the creative soul of the brand, produces notebooks, notes, greeting cards and bookmarks, where each product is a work of art.

Interview with Stefania Bonato, founder of Inkpressioni  



Where does your love of paper and stationery come from? 


My deep connection with paper and the world of stationery  is rooted in two elements that are as simple as they are significant:  writing and art.  Since childhood, I have seen paper as a faithful companion on a journey through two fascinating and complementary worlds. Initially, I discovered the power of expression through the magic of writing, allowing my ideas and dreams to take shape on notebook paper. Subsequently, I explored the joy and freedom of art, transforming the white surface into a space receptive to my creativity, where each stroke of the pencil and brush gave rise to new visions. This passion was cultivated and nurtured by my art teacher, who passed on to me not only the techniques and skills, but also the love and respect for the infinite potential of the medium as a form of expression.  Thanks to her, I learnt to consider the material not just as a neutral medium, but instead as an opportunity to explore and share my inner world in a unique and entirely personal way. Over time, this vision has inspired the birth of the Inkpressioni brand, which seeks to share the beauty and magic of paper and stationery, making them as unique and precious as the emotions they convey.  Despite the advent of new digital technologies, I still prefer the tangible feeling that paper offers me and the full creative freedom it allows. 



What makes your products unique?


Inkpressioni products are true artistic jewels, imbued with a uniqueness and beauty that is destined to last. Every single piece is conceived with scrupulous care and dedication, embodying a blend of art, craftsmanship, personalisation and sustainability.  From the careful selection of materials to the meticulous workmanship, every detail is carefully moulded to arouse deep emotions and provide an unforgettable experience. Owning an Inkpressioni piece is not just about possessing a simple stationery item – it is being immersed in a sensory and artistic journey that embraces the uniqueness of the person who chooses it and conveys our passion for art and our commitment to a more sustainable and creative world. 



How important is sustainability and personalisation to you? 


Sustainability and personalisation are fundamental pillars of  my work at Inkpressioni. Sustainability is not merely an option, it’s  an absolute priority. I only use high-quality materials that are certified and from recyclable sources, paying particular attention to their origin and disposal. The colours that I use for painting are plant-based and organic, created especially for me by artisan workshops in Italy who guarantee the highest  
artistic quality for each colour and respect for the environment. My abstract technique with its textural effect makes my products unique and gives them a distinctive and characteristic appearance.  Personalisation, on the other hand, is what brings my products to life: each piece is a unique work of art, shaped not only by my creativity, 
but also by the needs and wishes of my customers. I firmly believe that personalisation also contributes to the sustainability of my product: there is a greater likelihood that each 
element will be used and appreciated in the long term, thereby reducing the  
overall product life cycle and its environmental impact.  
These are targeted and conscious purchases. This is also a product that avoids wasting  
resources, as it is manufactured solely according to the customer's needs, without excess production. 



How important is the craftsmanship of your products? 

Craftsmanship is the beating heart of every product created by Inkpressioni. Each piece is the result of a meticulous and passionate process, where great attention is given to every detail. From exploring patterns to final assembly, every step of the process is underpinned by our dedication to making things by hand. Each carefully hand-painted sheet becomes the basis for creating a unique and extraordinary product. Our philosophy is to offer not just simple stationery, but genuine works of art that hold within them the essence of our passion and craftsmanship. Each hand-moulded piece conveys my soul and creativity as an artist, bestowing a unique and precious experience on anyone who owns it.