La Kaligrafica: writing by design
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La Kaligrafica: writing by design

A tribute to taste and refinement by La Kaligrafica: the Lombardy-based company has for many years been offering items for writing made in the best artisan workshops. Its products are for people who still love to write with fountain pens, pens, nibs and inks, creating unique handwritten papers, tickets or personalised invitations.



How do you view this return to the charm of paper and writing-related products and how is La Kaligrafica reacting?


We have been in this market for 40 years. We have never felt a significant shift away from the world of writing. We have always created each of our items with dedication, which has been repaid by the appreciation and continued business from our longstanding customers.



How are your products created and what are the main hallmarks that distinguish them?


Our items are entirely handcrafted; we reflect on compositions and packaging, creating the final product with style.