Le Luci Artigiane, brass lamps and lanterns with refined aesthetics

Le Luci Artigiane, brass lamps and lanterns with refined aesthetics

Handmade in our craft workshop in Lucca. High-end lighting objects that combine beauty and environmental friendliness. “One of our goals is to grow in the Italian market and Milano Home represents a great opportunity to make ourselves known to the retail world”. 

An old craftsman, a workshop that was soon to be closed, and two 'visionary' entrepreneurs who were fascinated by the products in that workshop, even more so by the material used to create objects of immeasurable charm: brass.


“A long cherished dream was one step away from becoming a concrete opportunity”, explained Veronica Barsotti, marketing strategist of Le Luci Artigiane, a handmade brass lamp workshop based in Lucca.


Nicola Giuliani and Paolo Marraccini - the founding partners - were doing something completely different: their core business was metal finishing for the pharmaceutical and marine industries. Always oriented towards high-end quality, the visit to a workshop in 2015 radically changed their path.


“It was like love at first sight. They were familiar with that alloy composed of copper and zinc because they used it in their production processes, but as soon as they saw the brass lamps scattered on the wooden tables they immediately felt it was time to move from thought to action”.


Since then, little by little, they worked with total commitment and dedication to create a workshop for the production of lamps and lanterns using almost exclusively brass.


“Brass is a flexible and malleable alloy - continued Barsotti, who graduated with honours in Industrial Design (Department of Architecture, Florence) - that can be remelted and regenerated. It possesses extraordinary properties, is very resistant and perfect for conducting electricity. Last but not least, it is recyclable, and in a context where eco-sustainability is becoming increasingly important, the use of this material, which combines beauty and respect for the environment with an excellent cost-benefit ratio, has been given due recognition in this project”.



Who is the target customer of Le Luci Artigiane?


“Although different, our customers speak the same language: that of light and authentic beauty. We have buyers from luxury hotels and resorts, and we are approached by designers who take care of implementing the style choices for the exclusive residences of private individuals. Finally, we are in contact with owners of showrooms and concept stores who are looking for effective ideas to propose to their customers.


Our lighting systems are very versatile, elegant, capable of enhancing all environments, both outdoor and indoor”.


60% of our turnover comes from the foreign market, 40% is generated in Italy. “Through a completely customised design method, our goal is to spread and give value to the aesthetic advantages. Our feedbacks are more than flattering. Our target audience is a refined public with precise taste and clear ideas, able to understand the value of our product. One of our intentions is to grow in the Italian market, and being present at Milano Home represents a great opportunity to make ourselves known to the retail world”.


A project that has evolved over a short period of time and started in 2019.


“Between the end of that year and the beginning of 2020, the brand went online with an e-commerce platform, thus starting to connect with the market and potential business partners. In 2021, I was hired as marketing consultant (Café Consulting is the brand name of her consulting company) with the task of reviewing and reorganising the business model, the marketing department, and the brand identity, which was presented this year at the exhibition Boutique Design in New York”.



What are your development goals?


“Managing all commercial relationships through the brand, taking care of them internally and manually in accordance with our product; consolidating a totally customised workflow for the customer; proposing brass as a beauty material for our tables. This led to the creation of Opera Prima, a wireless lamp with light source and dimmable LED with three intensities designed by me and developed together with the project team of Le Luci Artigiane. Soon we will launch a new line of accessories and décor for the table”.



How much did the marketing model you suggested impact on promoting the products and their features?


“We collaborate with professionals from the world of architecture and design. This is a privilege and a commitment at the same time, as it requires an appropriate margin of flexibility in meeting their requests.


Marketing is of great help, but not only that. Understanding one's business model and applying the strategies is also part of the equation. Each step was taken in order to increase the visibility of the brand by focusing on the real competitive advantages offered by our lighting objects. A long and complex process that would not have been possible without the drive and confidence of Paolo Marraccini and Nicola Giuliani, and without the professionalism and expertise of Ivan Mura and Andrea Moretti (both of Oxequa Srl), the coordinators of the Development Office, together with Nicole Decanini, Graphic & Photographer, and Martina Angeli, Social media manager. A cohesive group driven by great vitality and focused on consolidating the company on an international scale”.