The Green Circle

The Green Circle


A stage for global sustainability


Awareness of sustainability (ecological, social, and economic) is constantly growing, and design is a strong driver with the development of ideas, projects, and products, whose aim is to minimize impact and ensure a better quality of life, both in the present and for future generations.



Sociale Sustainability comes in 8 variants*: 

















Applied Sustainability


The Green Circle by RareMood, is the square of MILANO HOME dedicated to Sustainability and Research, alternative products, some little known, but all worthy of being reported for their virtuous characteristics.



The Green Circle: the beautiful well done


MILANO HOME, through this project, acts as the starter of a new approach to the purchase of consumer goods: a critical approach where beautiful also becomes well made and above all right according to internationally recognised ESG criteria and the UN SDGs.


The Green Circle by RareMood within MILANO HOME is the place to celebrate quality, sustainability, craftsmanship, ingenuity, love for natural materials, respect for the environment, the enhancement of manufacturing knowledge, production rigour and taste.


Brands that participated in 2024:



An innovative company that helps transform corporate waste into innovative products, inspiring positive ways of acting through design.


Anne Krieg Ceramist


She started her activity as a ceramic artisan in Toulouse in 2013. In 2016, she joined “Esprit Porcelaine”, a group of makers who design porcelain objects from Limoges and became a member of the Ateliers d'Art de France.


Guri I Zi/ ideemigranti


It is a sustainable brand of home and table textiles. The products combine a Made in Italy design with fine craftsmanship, made entirely on a wooden loom, using natural Italian fibres such as linen and cotton. Guri I Zi's story is that of a small village nestled in the mountains in northern Albania: it is here that wood-loom weaving has been handed down from generation to generation for over a century. Handicraft and tradition, skilful hands that weave, sew and embroider, resulting in high quality interior fabrics.


Mille 997/Digital design SRL


It is a company that creates unique wall coverings and design elements by combining artisan expertise and know-how with our vision of the future. It draws inspiration from the finest architect, nature, which is ever present in the products. Thanks to know-how and cutting-edge tools, Mille997 can customise any surface with high-resolution graphics and imprint any graphic on wallpaper, glass, plexi-glass and ceramics as a solution for any interior design project.


Onofrio Acone 


Entrepreneur since 1997 in the field of design and furniture, restaurateur since 2005, and founder of CINQUESEGNI in 2008, together with his closest friends, an entirely innovative wine company.


He took his first steps in the ceramic workshop founded by his parents in 1982 in the garage of their home in the province of Salerno: from an early age, he developed a passion for this incredible material with a thousand potentials, and his creativity developed as a child. Each piece offered is unique and unparalleled, because each one is the result of a single idea.



Paper on the rocks


The keyword? Revolution. This is what led CEO Anne Pleun van Eijsden to found an activist stationery company. In order to rewrite the way stationery is produced, it was necessary to reformulate the entire production chain of notebooks, using construction, agricultural, and mining waste to make notebooks of the highest quality.


Spirit of Dolomites


Agricola Repucci e Figli is a family-run business whose experience and passion for nature led to the creation of the Spirit of the Dolomites, a line focused on the creation of pillows and aromatherapy and wellness products. The goal is to support the environment and make products that benefit the body and mind by choosing sustainable materials that provide added value.


Vero Lab & Shops


Passion, precision, and persistence, that's how Veronica Vianini started producing porcelain in 2015. Immersed in her workshop, she has discovered a world that gives her the freedom to express herself, finding inspiration from the nature of the Trentino region. In addition to a craft workshop, Vero Lab & Shop is also a women's clothing and a men’s and women’s fashion accessories shop where the customer is satisfied but above all... is listened to.

Sand River 


Knowledge and experience are the source of success of Sand River, a Mongolian cashmere manufacturer. Founded in 2007 by specialist Juliet Guo, it has grown rapidly over time, also establishing itself on the international scene. Nonetheless, Juliet remains true to the original dream, maintaining tradition and quality, integrating every single stage of production and developing strong ties with the land of origin, with local farmers and shepherds.