The Green Circle

The Green Circle

A stage for global sustainability

Awareness of sustainability (ecological, social, and economic) is constantly growing, and design is a strong driver with the development of ideas, projects, and products, whose aim is to minimize impact and ensure a better quality of life, both in the present and for future generations.



Sociale Sustainability comes in 8 variants*: 

















The Green Circle

Applied Sustainability

The Green Circle by RareMood, is the square of MILANO HOME dedicated to Sustainability and Research, with 60 innovative, alternative products, some little known, but all worthy of being reported for their virtuous characteristics.



The Green Circle: the beautiful well done


MILANO HOME, through this project, acts as the starter of a new approach to the purchase of consumer goods: a critical approach where beautiful also becomes well made and above all right according to internationally recognised ESG criteria and the UN SDGs.


The Green Circle by RareMood within MILANO HOME is the place to celebrate quality, sustainability, craftsmanship, ingenuity, love for natural materials, respect for the environment, the enhancement of manufacturing knowledge, production rigour and taste.