Irony, colours, cheerfulness for a positive view of the world

Irony, colours, cheerfulness for a positive view of the world

Milano Home meets artist Mauro Bergonzoli, who designed the Magic Bunnies collection for Goebel 

How did your collaboration with Goebel, a brand represented in Italy by Lamart, begin?


In 2022, I had a major museum exhibition in the historic Schaezlerpalais in Augsburg, Germany with 100 works. One day I was touring the exhibition with some art collectors, when a lady from Goebel showed great interest in my artwork. A few weeks later, a team from Goebel came to visit me in my 'Country Atelier', an art studio in the Bavarian countryside. We began working together then and have done so ever since.



What is the name of the new collection presented at Milano Home and what are its characteristics? 


The new collection is called 'Magic Bunnies', and it includes a beautiful 'Magic Bunny', a limited edition porcelain sculpture with gold. The same collection also includes espresso cups, mugs with plates, round vases (large and small) and catch-all dishes, all with gold details like lucky coins and made of porcelain.

There are also other 'Magic Bunny' products, such as a new umbrella concept that opens upside down, a fun shopping bag and various key rings. 'The Magic Bunny' is Mauro Bergonzoli's artistic character, who has appeared in his work for years as a symbol of love, humour and magic. The cute 'cartoon' rabbit, usually accompanied by an 'I Love it!’ embodies pure life energy, happiness and productivity. It lifts the spirit and makes everyone smile. Mauro Bergonzoli has always been hopelessly in love with magical creatures, Mother Nature and everything his iconic gaze captures. The 'Magic Bunny' also stands for animal welfare and creative education with children, with the artist actively involved in both these areas. Mauro's trademark – the blue eye – is not only instantly recognisable, but also represents the artist's positive view of the world. During his childhood in Italy, his mother lost an eye to cancer and lived with a glass eye from then on. Transforming sadness and pain into fantasy and joy has become the artist's mission. In his works, Bergonzoli elevates the open eye to the status of art object and, with 'The Magic Bunny', he gives his images a touch of humour and irony.


Are you already thinking about some new collections for 2025?


Absolutely, yes! I am already creating the new 2025 collection.