24Bottles®, practical and sustainable solutions for a cosmopolitan customer base
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24Bottles®, practical and sustainable solutions for a cosmopolitan customer base

Matching quality bottles and accessories. The first Snack Box is coming soon

Combining form and function to offer unique collections of lightweight bottles and matching accessories that support a more sustainable and comfortable lifestyle in line with personal tastes. This is the mission of 24Bottles®. The Italian brand was founded in 2013 by Giovanni Randazzo and Matteo Melotti to reduce the impact of disposable plastic bottles on the planet and on our lives. The idea stems from their search for the most comfortable and functional solution to meet people’s everyday need to hydrate in a healthy, elegant and ecological way.


From concept stores and boutiques through to the most famous department stores, their style ranges from urban to contemporary, from modern to eclectic. These stores offer a range of products that resonate with a cosmopolitan customer base that leads a sustainable lifestyle. 


"The variety of 24Bottles stores stand out – the retailers operate in very different settings and target customers from all over the world,” say Melotti and Randazzo. “Our flagship stores in Milan and Rome express themselves through a mix of contemporary and minimalist design with industrial accents. The brand offers a premium shopping experience for both design lovers and those looking for practical and sustainable solutions for their daily lives, with a significant focus on personalised advice and products."



Who is 24 Bottles® for?


“There is a varied mix of target customers. They include people who think carefully about leading a sustainable lifestyle, lovers of modern and functional design, travellers, professionals on the move and outdoor enthusiasts. Customers often care about the environment and are looking for practical, quality solutions that reduce their environmental footprint. In addition, 24Bottles also attracts those who appreciate the aesthetic element of their bottles and accessories, which ranges from minimalist to eclectic, and from design students to established artists. The products cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences and elevate the importance of each detail.


“The brand organises various activities to offer its community feedback opportunities and further details related to the products and services offered. We organise themed events, workshops and various customisation opportunities with in-store artists, with offerings that vary according to the speciality and technique of each individual professional.


“Such a turbulent market calls for strategies that seek to effectively develop the product’s image and strengthen the bond with customers.


"We believe that focusing on specialised consultancy through a highly trained retail team is a key starting point, and this then has to evolve into highly professional after-sales support. Next, of course, you need to focus on personalising products, on opportunities for unique customisations, in part due to meeting with artists, who add an interesting human dimension to what is no longer a purchase, but the actual entry point into a community."



What is the most gratifying thing about your work?


“The strength of the 24Bottles team is the team itself: we all like to work together, and we like working for a B Corp company, which offers useful and thought-out products, with strict quality and safety controls, but which is also capable of being extremely creative and joyful.


“Other products will soon extend the wide range of solutions designed to satisfy a varied customer base.


"We’ll have a lot of news shortly, and one thing we can certainly reveal now is our first snack box, designed for children's snacks or a quick bite for adults. There will also be more news to come, including new interesting collaborations and projects that will open up unexplored territory.


Ideas, proposals and food for thought also emerge from discussions with operators during the trade fairs.


"While you can’t deny the convenience of video calls, fortunately they haven’t detracted from the more natural connections you can make in physical meetings. 24Bottles fully shares the philosophy behind Milano Home, with each product telling a story and each step of the supply chain contributing to the narrative by adding chapters and notes, even to the extent of creating the product itself thanks to the community that has chosen to follow our adventure."