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Milano Home: the voice of the community!

Milano Home has launched cross-sector surveys and listening activities to gather and relay market sentiment, as well as to share insights and discussion points. The initiative aims to give tangible shape to what each of us sees in the market every day and to share it – because the well-being of our sector can only be assured through collaboration and teamwork.

The participants responded to the survey, primarily representing specialist retail, which is undoubtedly the principal target demographic for Milano Home in Italy and Central Southern Europe.


Indeed, shops represented over 75% of the respondents, indicating their strong willingness to share their views and take an active part in the industry.



Results at a glance


· We have determined a baseline turnover figure of €300,000, which appears to represent a threshold above which sentiment becomes positive in relation to Q1 performance and the outlook for the subsequent months.


· Conversely, we are becoming ever more aware of the significant role Milano Home must play in supporting smaller businesses, enabling them to solidify their foundations and also to discover new business models and opportunities. This support is crucial for them to expand in scale and to navigate challenging market conditions with greater agility.


·       Regarding the geographical area of activity, expectations for the coming months are more optimistic for the central and southern regions of Italy than for the north, particularly in hopes of a successful tourist season. And there was a similar sentiment for tourist destinations.


In our next surveys we will investigate: online and offline sales, the next generations, local partnerships, and new product categories.


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