Four trends to watch out for

Four trends to watch out for



The focus on products and brands capable of connecting with people's lives. Purchasing choices are increasingly influenced by concepts such as innovation, quality and originality



Milano Home saw products and brands capable of connecting with people's lives, leaving behind the rationale of quantity at a low price in favour of a greater focus on the product. Dynamic designs that can adapt to new purchasing needs and in which material quality and creativity redefine the value of objects.


Today, people are looking for products they can identify with, starting with the materials, which must be innovative and meet sustainability criteria: new objects that reinterpret know-how with originality. A counter-trend to the standardisation that has overtaken the market for years with excessive marketing drives and under-priced products. There is a growing awareness, especially among the new generations of professionals in the sector, of consumption, with respect for the environment, innovation and design representing indispensable values and heralding new social demands.





The solution that stores, and all the supply chains they represent, can offer to people who are looking for unique products with stories and values they can relate to


Stores are at the centre of a valuable ecosystem. People are increasingly looking for customised services in line with their values and needs, and for unique and original products. Direct contact with the end customer gives the store the fundamental role of a reference point in the area and a link between all professionals in the sector


Stores have the opportunity to be revitalised and valued as vibrant and privileged places to find new products, anticipate trends, touch products and meet the end consumer.


For this reason, the range offered at Milano Home is aimed above all at points of sale and all main distribution channels in Italy and abroad that are interested in quality, unique and original products for customers seeking objects that can interpret consumers’ multiple identities, adapt to changes and diverse personal tastes, and express new meanings.


Stores now have a new opportunity: to become a point of reference in the area for all those who live and work there: from the manufacturer to the designer to the craftsman, because it is in stores that you can rediscover the art of craftsmanship and excellent workmanship, touch the beautiful and well-made products, get advice and compare trends.


The retailer has the opportunity to take advantage of the changes that are taking place – linked to new consumer needs and customer demands – and to become an interpreter of trends and a promoter of quality. 




There is development when there are valuable relationships between all players in the supply chain to co-create the future.

Stores, craftspeople, designers, manufacturers, distributors as an eco-system and a common collective intelligence to find the right answers.


The value of co-creation within a system, in which each professional is called upon to play their part. Milano Home has laid the foundations to be a hub for co-designing and co-creating the future, fostering valuable relationships between all players in the supply chain. An invitation to craftspeople, designers, retailers, manufacturers and distributors to work together to find the right answers to the changing market and the evolution of consumption.





The beautiful and the well-made are back in the spotlight, thanks to people's growing interest in well-made objects (including from an ethical point of view), materials, production techniques and, above all, the stories of those who create, produce and share beauty.


It is a beauty that takes time and attention. You have to find the time to meet, to talk, to get to know each other. The presence of numerous meeting and discussion areas dedicated to professionals was an invitation to discover new products and ideas, to be open to new encounters and relationships, to find ways and time to think and plan new collaborations between companies, stores and designers.