Slide: a second life for plastic
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Slide: a second life for plastic

“Milano Home was an important exhibition for us,” said Marco Colonna Romano, CEO of Slide. We have had some interesting visitors, including international ones, and the consensus is that, compared to the Salone del Mobile, the size of the exhibition allows visitors to experience it more, to visit it more carefully and to stop more often to talk to suppliers and customers, and all this is appreciated.



What new products did you present at the exhibition?


We launched the Together high table, which is the evolution of the Amanda and Ambrogio coffee tables designed by Francesco Favaretto which, among other things, we presented with a second life plastic, ecoallene, which derives from tetrapak. We presented bioplastic with Marcantonio's products in three shades, Savannah, Namibia and Terracotta. It is plant-based: made from sugar cane instead of from oil.



How important is art for Slide?


The world of art has always been very close to Slide’s heart and it is also very similar, since our products are playful and artistic. In particular, to commemorate my father, who passed away just over a year ago, on January 30, at Superstudio, "Designer's Dream" was organised, an exclusive event plus a charity auction managed by Christie's with 16 works of art from my father's private collection: the original sculptures of Slide Art by great international designers and artists". A tribute to Giò Colonna Romano, founder of the company and a great lover of art.


All the proceeds went to charity for Museo City, which is the Italian association of corporate museums.